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Setting Your Notification Preferences

In this article, you'll learn about the different notifications, how to fully customize which notifications you'll get, and how to choose which channels to receive them


Notifications help you stay updated on essential system alert messages and client activities within the app to manage your business more efficiently. For example, getting notifications when invoices are due,  when a client books an appointment, or when an auto campaign is sent.

A significant advantage of notifications is that you can receive them even when you're not actively using the app. This means you can continue working on other tasks or activities and be alerted when something important that requires your attention happens. This can help you stay focused and productive while still being able to manage your business effectively.

There are two types of notifications:

System Notifications

System notifications are alerts the platform generates to inform the business about specific events or actions related to the system. These alerts are triggered automatically, such as overdue payments, scheduled appointments waiting for approval, pre-scheduled announcements sent, and more.

Client Activity Updates

Client activity updates are notifications about interactions and engagements that clients or leads initiated with the business. These notifications might include alerts about new client inquiries, appointment requests, client messages, documents approved, and more.

System Notifications Pane

System notifications are presented on the notification pane. To access the notification pane, look for the bell icon in the top right of the screen. Clicking on this icon will open the notification pane, where you can see a list of all your recent notifications from the last 30 days.
The notifications are organized chronologically, with the most recent notifications at the top of the list. You can click on any individual notification to see more details and take the necessary actions.


Every time you get a new notification, a badge appears above the notification bell icon, indicating the number of new notifications.


Note: Once opening the notification pane, the new notification badge will disappear.

In the top section of the notification center, you'll be able to:

  • Mark all as read - Remove unread indicators from all notifications
  • Show Only Unread- filter your notification to show only unread notifications
  • Open the notification settings - to customize which notifications you'll get and on which channel  

Notification layout

Each notification includes the following elements:

  • Notification title 
  • Notification Description (including client name if applicable) 
  • Read / Unread indication  
  • Time - When was the notification created


Notification settings

Use the notification settings to set your preferences for which notifications you will receive and which channel you'll receive them.

Access the notification settings from the ‘My Notifications’ on the ‘Staff Settings’ page or use the Cog icon on the System Notification pane.

You can move between system notifications and client activity updates on the left side menu.

Note: Notification preferences are defined per staff member from the staff account. To change preferences as an admin, you must log in as a staff member (from the ‘Staff Settings’ page).

Notification channels

  • Notification pane (In-app): A message in the notification pane marked by a badge indication on the bell icon.
  • Inbox (In-app): A message sent to the inbox marked by a badge indication on the Inbox left menu item.
    Note: Not all notification channels are available for all notification types.
  • Mobile push: A message from the mobile app to the staff member's device. Push notifications are delivered to the user even when the app is not actively being used, allowing the app to communicate important information in real-time.
  • Email: A message sent directly to the staff member's registered email.
  • SMS: A message sent to the staff member's registered mobile device.
    Note: SMS notifications are turned off by default.

Notifications channel availability:

Available Channels System Notification Client Activity Update
   Notification pane (In-app) V X
   Inbox (In-app) X V
   Mobile push V V
   Email V V
   SMS X V


Important: To receive mobile push or SMS channels, a staff member must have a valid phone number registered on his staff settings page.  

Notification Types

Notifications are presented per area of relevancy as shown below:

System notification types:

  • Payment notifications such as overdue or auto-billing completion
  • Scheduling notifications such as appointment waiting for approval and appointment reminders
  • Calander notifications such as calendar sync completed
  • Marketing notifications such as auto-campaigns was sent or scheduled announcements were sent
  • Client notifications such as ‘Client import process completed’

Client activity update types:

  • Payment notifications such as payment received or estimate approved 
  • Scheduling notifications such as appointments scheduled/rescheduled or canceled by a client
  • Review notifications for a new review submitted by a client
  • Messages notifications for new communications, such as form submission of new messages or new inquiries 
  • Group event notifications, such as new registrations or cancelations,
  • Documents notifications, such as a new document shared, approved, or declined
Note: Not all notification channels are available for all notification types.
Note: More notification types and categories are constantly being added.
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