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Reserve with Facebook

With Reserve with Facebook, you can change your call to action to 'Book Now' on your Facebook and Instagram business page so clients and prospects can discover your services, make bookings, and pay easily directly from your profiles.

Main benefits

  • Enable your profile visitors to view your services, Book, and pay without even leaving your business's profile
  • When new leads book via social media, a record will be created in your CRM, making follow-up easier than ever
  • When returning clients' books via social media, the client card will be updated so your client records always stay up to date


Connecting the platform to your Facebook account

  1. Go to your app market, open the "Reserve with Facebook" app, and click 'Connect.'
  2. Log in to your Facebook business account.
  3. All your default settings will appear on the confirm settings page. Make sure these are correct, and update or add new ones as needed:

Business manager: the Facebook account where you manage all your business assets such as Facebook, pixel, catalog, etc. 

Facebook page: The page where the integration will replace your primary call to action (button) to 'Book now'. Connect it to any of your Facebook pages or create a new one. 

Instagram Profile: To add a 'Book now' button to your mobile Instagram page, connect this field to your Instagram profile. 

Ad account: Select an ad account for your business to advertise products and services.

Meta Pixel: Use data from the pixel to understand actions on your website and measure the results of your ads.

Important: the 'Book Now' button only leads to your existing online service menu. You can't set a specific service for it. 

Note: When connecting your account to Facebook, the default is a new Facebook page based on the business name on the platform. To choose an existing Facebook business page, make sure to click on the Facebook page field.  

Tip: you can also add a 'Book Now' button directly from your Facebook business page by clicking on the 'Add action button' and choosing the ‘Book now’ option.

Note: When creating a new business page, you are automatically assigned a matching pixel, and ads account.

To learn more about managing your 'Book Now' options, visit Enabling Customizing Online Booking.


Can I only add a 'book now' button to my Instagram page?
Yes, you'll need to connect the 'Book Now' directly from your Instagram account to do so. 

Do I need a Facebook business account to add a 'Book now' button? 
No, you can add it to any Facebook page (profile page not included)

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