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Using the Mobile App Caller ID

When using the caller ID, you can immediately identify the identity of incoming calls made from your existing platform contacts. Knowing who is on the call lets you prioritize and personalize your communication and improve your client experience. 

Tip: Caller ID is a good solution for staff members that don’t want to mix business contacts with personal contacts on their mobile devices but still prefer to know who is calling.

Activating Caller ID

  1. To activate the Caller ID, go to your ‘Clients’ tab on the mobile App. 
  2. On the top of the page, you will see a banner offering you to turn on the Caller ID.
  3. If you can’t see the banner, click the three dots menu on the top right.
  4. Click on the turn-on button and follow the instructions to allow the required permissions on your device. If you didn't accept the required permission, you'll see the following warning:
  5. Once you have enabled the required permissions, your Caller ID is up and running.

Note: Caller ID is not supported in old app versions. Make sure to update your app from time to time.

Note: Caller ID is not available for Android os 10 or under users.

Using the Caller ID

When using the Caller ID, you can see the name and last name (if it exists in your platform contacts) of the contact that is calling you immediately. Depending on your device, the contact details will appear in the native dialer or as an additional buble on your screen.  

You will also see the contact information on your recent calls list. (not available on Samsung devices)

When manually typing a phone number that exists on your platform contacts, you will also be able to see the contact information immediately, helping you identify that the number already is on your contacts.

Note: Caller ID syncs with your phone every time you open/reopen the app, with the distinction that 10 minutes have passed since you the last update.


Does the Caller ID save the platform contacts on my device?

Caller ID does not add contacts to your device contacts. The information is protected on the app background and will be removed from your device if the App is uninstalled. 

Why can’t I see the Caller ID?

Ensure you have enabled the Caller ID on your phone settings under “Call blocking & Identification”. 
If you didn't accept the required permission, you'll see a warning banner on the Caller ID settings.

Why does Caller ID identify only some of my contacts?

Currently, caller ID has a limit of 1000 contacts. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact support to get this solved.


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