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Connecting Your Appointments & Events to Zoom

Host online appointments and events by integrating your account with Zoom. Zoom is a powerful platform that allows you to efficiently conduct online meetings, group classes, workshops, webinars, and more. Here's a step-by-step guide to connecting your account with Zoom and making the most of this integration.

Main Benefits

  • Provide a seamless online experience for your clients. Clients will receive the Zoom meeting details in the confirmation message, allowing them to join the meeting with a simple click on the unique meeting URL. This eliminates the need to share meeting links manually and ensures a smooth transition between sessions.
  • Secure and Compliant: Zoom is a secure and HIPAA-compliant video call and screen share platform. By connecting it to your account, you can ensure the privacy and security of your online appointments and events.
  • Efficient Appointment Management: The integration streamlines your appointment management process and reduces the chances of errors or confusion.

Important: Admins cannot add a Zoom account for staff members. Each staff member needs a Zoom account to use the integration. Sharing a single login is restricted. Upgrade to the Zoom business plan to enable single sign-on for all your staff members.

Getting Started with Zoom

  1. Go to the App Market and choose the Zoom app.
  2. Click 'Open' on the app info page.
  3. Click 'Connect' on the settings page. 
  4. Log in to your Zoom account.
  5. Allow our platform to access your Zoom account by granting authorization.
  6. Once the synchronization is complete, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that your account is now connected to Zoom.

Using Zoom for Online Appointments and Events

Now that your account is connected to Zoom, you can enable your services to be conducted online using Zoom.

  1. Go to your service settings and select the service you want to offer online with Zoom.
  2. Under the "Location Setting" for the service, choose "Online" and select "Zoom."
  3. The system will automatically generate a unique meeting URL for each appointment or event, which will be shared with clients in their confirmation messages and notifications.

Important: When setting a service location online, all staff members that offer this service must be connected to Zoom. A meeting link will only be generated if you connect all the Zoom accounts.

The new Zoom meeting link will appear in the booking details, booking email & SMS notifications under your clients' Client Portal account.

Note: The meeting URL is not public and will only be visible to each appointment, event invites, or registered client.


How can I connect to a new Zoom account?

If you want to connect to a different Zoom account, disconnect from the existing one before connecting to the new one.

I can’t see Zoom links on my future recurring meetings/events

Zoom has a limit of 3 months for recurring events for them to show on their platform schedule. If you use your Zoom calendar to manage your time, we recommend that you only schedule recurring events for three months at a time.

Why do I get a message that I can’t authorize the Zoom connection?

Staff members may require pre-approval to connect their personal accounts to Zoom. Contact your account admin to get the Zoom integration available. If you are the account admin, learn more on the Zoom support article or contact support. 

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