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Enable Third-Party Cookies on Safari

Cookies are vital in enhancing your browsing experience by remembering your preferences and allowing websites to deliver personalized content. 

In Apple’s browser, Safari, the default settings restrict third-party cookies for privacy and security reasons. However, enabling third-party cookies is necessary for some platform functionality to operate correctly.

If you’ve encountered the message “Looks like your cookies are disabled,” follow the steps below to enable third-party cookies on Safari or switch to another web browser.


Enable Third-Party Cookies on Safari Desktop Browser

Check out this quick instruction or follow the steps below:

  1. To enable Third-Party Cookies, click on the ‘Safari’ menu at the top left of your screen, right next to the ‘Apple icon.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu options. (If you are using macOS Monterey 12 or older versions, click on ‘Preferences’)
  3. Navigate to the ‘Privacy’ tab and uncheck the ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ box.
  4. Once you uncheck the ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’, your Third-Party Cookies are enabled. You may notice this message on your browser:Screenshot
  5. Return to the platform and click ‘Try Again’ or refresh the page.

Note: This flow is relevant only for Apple MAC desktops.

Enable Third-Party Cookies on Mobile Web Browsers

  1. To enable Third-Party Cookies on your mobile device, go to your phone ‘Settings.’
  2. Look for Safari and click to open.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Privacy & Security
  4. Click the toggle to turn ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ off
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