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Get Tips with Collect Tips

Collect Tips app enhances your client experience by allowing them to seamlessly add tips to your services during online checkout or after delivery. Using Collect Tips, you can also add tips when recording or charging a payment manually and simply track your collected tips.

Main Benefits

  • Allowing clients to add tips for your services to show gratitude for your excellent service
  • Natively integrates with all standard platform payment flows.
  • Monitor tip transactions in real-time through the received payments dashboard. This will allow you to track who's tipping, how much you collected, and more.

Important: Collect Tips is not included in any basic plans by default. Please check the pricing tab on the app information page in the App Market before purchasing the app.

Getting Started with Collect Tips

  1. Go to your app market, open the "Collect tips" app, and click purchase/install.
  2. Once the app is installed, click ‘Open’ to navigate to the Taxes & Tips tab on your Payment Settings page to set up your tip preferences. 
  3. In the tip section, choose where to enable tip collection: payments made by clients online (client portal), payments recorded or charged by the business (from the back office), or both.
  4. You can define three default tipping options based on the percentage of the sub-total amount. These will be presented to your clients during their checkout experience. In addition, your clients will also have the option to add a custom tip amount. 
  5. Once you’ve defined these settings, you can start collecting tips.
  6. Make sure you save any changes by clicking the “Save” button.

Note: Collect tips can’t be disabled for a specific service, staff member, or client.

Online Tipping Client Experience

Clients can add tips online on the Client Portal in one of two ways:

Adding tips during checkout

When a client is required to complete a payment online for an invoice or any payment request sent by the business, the checkout flow will include the option to add a tip. Tips can be added based on the default tipping options or by adding a custom amount.

Note: By default, tips are not included (set to 0)

Note: When using a package or a 100% discount coupon, the add tip option will be presented to the client after the checkout window.

Adding tips post-service

Collect tips also enables clients to add a tip after a service has been paid for.
For example, services that require payments during bookings or when redeeming a package that was paid upfront. Clients can add a tip to a service at any time by clicking on ‘Leave a tip’ on the Bookings list, meeting, or invoice page on the Client portal.

Every time a tip is collected, whether during checkout or post-service, an email will be sent to both the client and the business indicating the payment amount, the tip, or both.

Note: To enable online tipping, you must be connected to an online payment method.

Back Office Tipping Experience

Tips can also be added from the back office in two scenarios:

  1. As part of recording a payment or charging a card - Click on the tip field, choose a percentage from the default options, or enter a custom tip amount.
  2. After a service has been paid for - Go to the service/product that was paid and click on ‘add tip’ to open the dialog to add a tip manually.

Tracking Tips

To track your tips, you can go to the Payments Received page.
Each payment with a tip included will have an ‘incl. Tip’ indication next to it,  showing the amount, including the tip. 

If a tip were added separately from the payment, the indication would be ‘Tip’, and the total amount would include the tip alone. 

At the top of the table, where you see the summary of the payments received, you can also see the amount of tips collected during that period of time.

Note: Billing and Invoicing page lists the amount the client was billed for. If the payment includes a tip, an indication for that would appear on the same line, but the amount will stay as the original bill.

Payments on the Billing and Invoicing page also include indications for when a tip was added to a payment. The amount of the payment does not include the tip.

Note: Tips added to a payment from the client portal by the client or the back office by the business will be registered on the receipt.

Note: Tipping information is automatically added to your payments received export

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