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Create Recurring and Scheduled Payments

In this article, you'll learn how to set up and manage recurring and scheduled one-time payments to charge clients' credit and debit cards automatically. 

Whether collecting monthly fees, offering subscription-based services, or managing one-time payments, recurring and scheduled payments will help you streamline the process and ensure timely payments from your clients.

Important:  Recurring and Scheduled Payments may not be available on all Payment Gateways and are not included in basic plans.

Recurring payment

Periodic charging automation with a pre-defined amount, frequency, and number of repetitions.

Scheduled payment

A one-time future charge with a fixed amount and pre-defined date.

Create a New Payment

To create a new recurring or scheduled payment, follow these steps. 

1. Use the ‘Quick Actions’ or the ‘New’ button on the Client Card and pick ‘Recurring Payment.’

First stage - Payment settings

2. Payment name - Add a unique payment name for the payment.

Important: Payment name can't be changed once a payment is created.

3. Choose the payment settings:

  • For recurring payments, set the following: 
      • Amount per payment
      • Frequency (repetition) option (weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly)
      • First charge date, 
      • Number of repetitions (number of payments).
    Note: Recurring payments can include a max of 100 repetitions.
  • For a scheduled payment, choose One-time and set the following:
    • Payment amount
    • Date of the charge (must be a future date)
    • Add an internal note - This will only appear on the payment details 

4. Choose whether you want to send a receipt to the client after every successful payment.

Second stage - Payment method

5. Review the summary of the payment and make sure it’s correct. 

6. Enter credit card information or select one of the client’s saved cards.

7. Confirm that the client has consented to save the card for future payments.

Important: When saving a client card for future payments, you must receive confirmation from the client making sure they are aware their card will be used for future payments.

8. Click on "Create payment’ to initiate the payment.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 16.14.59.png

Important: Once a payment has been set, there is no option to edit the name, frequency, or amount. To update a payment, you'll need to cancel and create a new payment.

Manage Recurring and Scheduled Payments

Payment details

You can view all client recurring and scheduled payments in the Client Card Payments tab under Recurring payments. In addition, all client's recurring and scheduled payments will also appear on the ‘Activity Highlights’.
There are three statuses for recurring and scheduled payments: Active, canceled, and completed. 

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 16.18.12.png

To view the plan details, simply click on its name. All payment details will open on the right side, including Payment name, frequency, total amount collected, next payment due, remaining payments, and more.

Editing an active payment

You can only change card details or cancel the payment on an active payment.

Processed Payments

Processed payments are listed under the Payments > Payments Received page in the Client Card and the main menu.

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