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AI-Driven Business Advisor (BizAI) - FAQs

BizAI is an artificial intelligence chat-style advisor that provides recommendations based on free text provided by the user. It profoundly understands the small business market and continually learns to improve its responses.


How is BizAI different from other AI chats like ChatGPT?

BizAI leverages the vast data collected about businesses from various industries, along with information about your offering and business details, to identify opportunities and diagnose areas for improvement. Knowing the platform capabilities, BizAI translates these insights into actionable recommendations you can implement immediately.

What data about my business is available to BizAI?

To personalize and provide quality answers, BizAI uses the information you provided as part of the account setup, such as industry, number of staff members, location, website, profession, and more. BizAI also has access to the services, products, and package lists you updated on your account. 

Does BizAI have access to client information and activity?

To ensure the utmost privacy and data protection, BizAI is blocked from accessing your clients' information and activity, such as contact information, payments, messaging history, documents, etc. 

Is my data secure with BizAI?

Privacy and data protection are our priority; therefore, BizAI, as an integral part of our highly secure platform, offers a safe place for your business-sensitive information.

How does BizAI learn and improve its performance? 

BizAI is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that continually analyze your interactions and feedback. It learns from past conversations and uses this knowledge to understand your business and unique style, providing a more accurate and personalized experience.

What can I use BizAI for?

There are endless possibilities when using BizAI for your business. For example, BizAI can assist with content generation, adjusting the themes, tone, and style of content to your unique identity and services, and helping you craft engaging email campaigns. BizAI can also help you analyze industry trends and advise you on leveraging them in your business offerings.

Use the suggestions provided by our team on the left side pane of BizAI to get started.

How can I improve the answers BizAI provides?

The more information you provide, the more relevant and personalized answers from BizAI will be. Providing feedback on the quality of BizAI answers using the thumbs up / thumbs down icons, respectively, will also ensure BizAI learns and improves. 

Can I ask BizAI follow-up questions?

Yes, as long as you keep the BizAI window open and don’t refresh it, you can ask follow-up questions. This way, BizAI will consider the previous questions, answers, and feedback. 

BizAI saves the conversation for 24 hours from your last input.  

Is BizAI available in all languages?

BizAI is currently available in all the languages supported in the platform

Is there technical support available for BizAI?

Of course! Our dedicated support team is here to assist you at every step. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to contact us for prompt assistance.


  1. AI use- Please remember that BizAI is not a human! The BizAI output is generated using large-scale language-generation models, which are based on emerging technology, and may provide inaccurate or offensive output, and is not designed for or intended to meet your regulatory, legal, or other obligations. When using the BizAI output, you should review, edit, and revise the output to your satisfaction. You alone are responsible for the content and use of the BizAI output.
  2. Similarity- Due to the nature of machine learning, the BizAI output may not be unique across users, and BizAI may generate the same or similar output for other users of our platform. Responses that are requested by and generated for other users are not considered your content. You might also receive different and inconsistent answers for the same question.
  3. Accuracy- AI and machine learning are rapidly evolving fields, and we are constantly improving BizAI to make it more accurate, reliable, safe, and beneficial. Notwithstanding, BizAI may result in incorrect and inaccurate output concerning people, places, or facts. You should evaluate the accuracy of any output as appropriate for your use case, including by using a human review of such output.
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