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Managing & tracking payments

In this article you’ll learn how to view and handle billing documents,  including estimates, invoices, and received payments.

Understanding your payment summary status

To help keep your billing documents organized and manageable, the Payments menu is divided into four sections:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Auto-billing
  • Payments received
  • Estimates

The status summary at the top of each of these pages lets you easily view your current payment status.
Each summary displays the total amount and a breakdown according to categories relevant to that page’s billing item. Here is the summary status for Estimates, as an example:

You can click on each category to view the items and take further action.

For example, if you want to view all your overdue invoices, or resend them to your clients as a gentle reminder to make a payment, simply navigate to Payments > Billing & Invoicing and click the Overdue category in the summary bar, as shown in the image below.


Sorting & filtering billing documents

Find the document you need in just a few seconds with easy sorting and filtering options.

1. To sort your billing documents, do the following from any of the payment sections: Go to Sort By at the top and select your filter, as shown below. Choose your desired filter from the list.


Note: By default, your list is organized according to date, with the most recent document displayed first. Change the order by selecting any of the other filters available.

2. To filter your documents, do the following from any of the payment sections:

Go to the filter pane on the right side of the page. The image below displays the filter pane for Billing & Invoicing filter:


Filters vary according to the payment section you are on, 

For example, the available filters for Billing & Invoicing are: 

  • Client Name
  • Has Coupon (invoices that contain coupons)
  • Auto-billing generated Invoices
  • By Creation Date
Important: When you choose more than one filtering option, the list will display only those documents that fulfill all the filtering requirements.

Managing your billing documents

Each page of the Payments menu has a variety of action buttons to help you organize, streamline, and process billing documents.

Select one or several items from the page or section you are on to view the available actions.
The image below shows the actions that are available from the Billing & Invoicing page:


Note: Certain action buttons such as Print and Download are available on each of the Payments pages. Other actions vary according to the page you are on. For example, Record Payment is only available from the Billing & Invoicing page.  

Additional action buttons are available on the Details page of an individual item.
To open this page, click on the desired item. From here, you can easily follow up with a variety of available actions, as shown below:


Learn more: To learn how to create & customize new billing documents, go to the Creating and Sending Invoices & Estimates article.
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