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Tracking marketing results

In this article, you’ll learn how to use two main tools for marketing analysis:

  • Delivery History: Lists all Automated Campaigns and Announcements that have been delivered and provides basic data about each one.
  • Delivery Statistics: Provides detailed information about a specific Automated Campaign or Announcement. For more information, refer to Viewing Statistics.

Tracking delivery history

To view the delivery history for your Automated Campaigns and Announcements, go to Marketing > Delivery History.

Here you’ll see all the campaigns and announcements that have been sent: It will default to showing you the most recently sent at the top, and it will show you both automated campaigns and announcements together.

However, to the right of the list of marketing sent, you can filter by:

  • Automated Campaign
  • Announcement
  • Delivery Method (Email or SMS)
  • Send Date

When viewing the Delivery History, you can see the following:

  • Name of the Campaign/Announcement
  • Type
  • Number of Clients Sent
  • Status & Date sent

Click Icon_EditDeleteItem.png to view the marketing material sent to the clients or a breakdown of the stats for the campaign/announcement, as discussed in the Tracking Delivery Statistics section below.

Tracking delivery statistics

The Statistics page displays detailed information about a specific Automated Campaign or Announcement, to evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery.

You can access the Statistics page in the following ways:

  • From the Delivery History page: At the far right end of the row of the relevant Campaign or Announcement, click Icon_EditDeleteItem.png and select View stats.
  • From the Announcements menu: In the row of the relevant Announcement, click View Stats.
  • From the Automated Campaign menu: At the lower right corner of the relevant Campaign, click Icon_EditDeleteItem.png and select View stats.

The main features of the Statistics page are described in the table below the diagram.

1. Select button: Allows you to select or clear the checkboxes of all recipients. You may also select checkboxes individually. When at least one checkbox is selected, the Add tags button appears next to the Select button, enabling you to create tags for the selected clients.

2. Export: Enables you to save the statistics in a CSV or Excel file.

3. Filtering options: the Search option lets you search by name, email or phone number. The Channel options lets you filter the delivery list by SMS or Email

4. Delivery summary: This row lets you review delivery statistics at a glance. The categories are:

  • Sent: Number of messages that were sent.
  • Delivered: Number of messages that were delivered successfully.
  • Viewed: Number of clients who saw the message.
  • Clicked: Number of clients who clicked the call-to-action button.
  • Engaged: Number of clients who took action (i.e., made the booking, visited your site, registered for an event, and so on).
  • Bounced: Number of messages that failed to be delivered.
  • Spam: Number of messages that were marked as Spam.

5. List of recipients: Lists each client to whom the Campaign or Announcement was sent. Hovering over the statistics icons displays a tooltip showing exactly when the client viewed the message, clicked the button, etc


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