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Managing Client Info & Activity

Whether you are using your account for scheduling, billing, marketing, or all of the above, your Client Card is the place to go to easily manage it all.

Creating client cards

A Client Card is automatically created for each client added to your account.

This will happen through adding or importing clients, and also when a lead contacts your business through any website widgets or the business page you have set up.

To access a Client Card, just click on any of your clients from the Clients page in your main menu and the respective client card will open up:

Note: A view of your client card will also be available to you on the right-hand side of your screen anytime you have selected a client elsewhere in your account. For example, from you Inbox or Invoices & Bookings.

Understanding client cards

The Main tab includes info on your client’s status, as well as important notes you have taken.

The Info tab includes all your client’s contact info & details.

To the right, the other tabs include everything you and your client have shared & have coming: past & future bookings, received & past due payments documents shared and so on.

Editing your client card

Your client card can be edited & customized in two ways.

1. You can directly add or edit your client’s information in their Client Card by typing in any information you want manually. changing the client card fields.

2. You can also change the information displayed in your Client Card. Just click on Add/Edit Fields at the top of the Client Card Info tab.

  • Labels control the display name of your client fields.

  • Type controls the type of information you enter or collect. For example, email address or date. 


  • Collecting client information: For each client field, you can also decide where and how you want to collect that information from your clients when they engage with your business online via your Business Site or Website widgets.

    This is done by selecting or un-selecting the checkboxes to the right of the field.

For example, you can decide to collect your clients’ address when they request to book an appointment by checking the “During Scheduling” checkbox near the Address field.

This will ensure that you have your client’s address in case, for example, the appointment takes place at their place of residence.

Note: Required Field means that the client is required to fill out this information online.
Note: Changing your client fields is also possible anytime directly from your Settings > Client Card menu.

Manage client activity

Conveniently, all your business activities related to a particular client can be managed and followed-up on directly from their client card.

Go to whichever item requires action for a particular client: Bookings, Payments, Documents, etc.

Take care of what you need done with your clients right then and there: Send a reminder about an overdue payment, charge for a past appointment or invite your client to book their next appointment.

The Conversations tab keeps the complete history of exchanges between you and your client: from invoices to messages, so nothing is ever lost.


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