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Recording and Cancelling Payments

Even if you’re not using your account to charge and accept payments, you can still keep track of them from your account so all your transactions are recorded in one place.

In this article, you’ll learn how to keep an updated and accurate manual record of payments you received by cash, check, bank transfer, and more.

Recording a payment

To record a new payment from scratch, just click New > Record Payment from any of the tabs under your Payments page.

If the payment request already exists, just click on the Record Payment button directly from any pending payment.

Note: Find all pending payments under your Payments > Invoices & Bookings tab. Another easy way to get to your pending payments is directly from your Dashboard view.

The Record Payment dialog opens up and allows you to enter the amount you’ve received, and how you received it, i.e., the payment method:


Note: The amount field allows you to enter any amount you’ve received, even if it is not the full amount, in order to keep track of partial payments.
Important: The paid on field is flexible and can be backdated as needed.

The Send receipt to client ensures your client receives an electronic receipt for their own records. It is checked by default.

Once you click Save, you can view your new payment record under the Payments Received tab.

Learn more: To learn more about how to track payments, visit the Managing And Tracking Payments article.

Canceling a payment

If you’ve made a payment request in error, or would like to write off an uncollected amount, you can cancel it anytime as long as it has not yet been paid.

Outstanding payments are marked as
Pending or Open. You can find them in two locations:

1. Under your client’s Client Card Payments tab.

2. Under your Payments > Invoices & Bookings page.

From either of these locations, simply c
lick on the payment request you’d like to cancel and click on the to get the Cancel Payment Request option.

This payment request will now appear as cancelled in your Payments items, and your client will no longer see this payment request in their client portal account.

Tip: If you have issued a payment request and ended up receiving a payment through an external payment method (cash, check, etc.), you can record the payment first, and, as a result, your payment request will automatically get cancelled.


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