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Creating and Sending Invoices & Estimates

In this article you’ll learn how to issue easy-to-use, professional-looking invoices and estimates to your clients, making sure you secure more business, and get paid faster for it.  

You can set the default information for all your invoices & estimates at once, or customize it for each you create a new invoice or estimate.

Setting up invoices & estimates 

Follow these steps to add the basic information you want to display on all your Invoices & Estimates:  

Step 1: Go to Settings > Payments, and click on the Invoices & Estimates tab.  

Step 2: Fill out your Billing Address & Business Info, specify the payment Due Date for your invoices, and enter the Terms & Conditions you want clients to see when they receive your estimate and invoices.

See image below for sample settings of business information and terms & conditions:mceclip0.png

Note for Business Info: Your business billing address is added to the header of all invoices and estimates. The default info displayed is taken from your Business Info Settings. To change your official business info go to Settings > Business Info.
Tip: Since everything in this area will be added to the header of your invoices and estimates, feel free to add more relevant information like your phone number, website URL, tax ID, etc.
Note for Terms & Conditions: You can add your company terms & conditions regarding payment, late payments or other important information that your clients should be aware of when they receive or pay for an invoice. You can do the same for your estimates.

Creating new invoices & estimates

You can easily create a new estimate or invoice wherever you see the New button within the system.

Just click New from anywhere in the system, and select either Estimate or Invoice. For example from your Inbox page, Payments page, or directly from a Client Card.

Note: You will always have the option to either create a draft of your invoice or estimate by clicking Save draft, or to send them to your clients on the spot by clicking Send.
Important: By default your estimates and invoices will always include your business logo and name on top (see image above). This is configured in Settings > Business Info, and can’t be edited from the invoice or estimate itself.

Before saving or sending your invoice or estimate, follow the section below to learn how to customize each invoice or estimate.

Customizing invoices & estimates

After clicking New > Invoice or New > Estimate from anywhere in the system, you can customize your invoice or estimate as needed.

Here’s what you need to know about the invoice & estimate fields:  

  • The Business Address & Business Info field: can be filled out on the fly, or taken from your Invoices & Estimates settings tab if you defined it there. For more, go to the Setting up invoices & estimates section above.
  • Label: The title that will appear at the top. The default for Invoice is “Invoice” and the default for Estimate is “Estimate”.
  • Currency: This will take on the default currency for the account.
Note: To change the currency per estimate, you must enable the option to accept different currencies in your Payment Settings
  • Invoice/Estimate Number: Invoice/Estimate numbers are updated automatically so you don’t have to keep track! The first invoice will be automatically assigned the number 0000001, and each new invoice will go up by one.
Important: Invoice numbers must be unique and can only increase. For example, if you update the invoice number to 0001250, the next invoice must be 0001251 or higher, you will not be able to use the same or a smaller number, like 0001249.                                                    
  • Issue Date / Due Date:  The issue date is usually the day you created the invoice, but you can backdate it if you need to. Set the due date of the invoice as well.
  • Items List: The items list of an estimate/invoice is where you’ll list out the services or products your client is paying for. You can also apply taxes and discounts here.
    Learn more: Learn how to add items by following the steps in the section below.   
Note for invoices: You can add recipients to your invoice if you need to send it to more than one client. Simply add their email address in the Send to additional recipients line.

Adding items 

You may want to issue an estimate or an invoice for more than one service or item.

Follow these steps to add items to your invoice or estimate:

Step 1: Scroll down to the items section on your invoice or estimate.

Step 2: Click on Please select an item to view and pick from your item list.
You’ll notice that the list comes prefilled with the menu of services that you offer and their prices.

Note: If you don’t see what you need on the list just click Custom… to add a new item on the spot.

Learn how to create a custom item in the section below.

Step 3: Enter the quantity of products or services and click Add to add the item to the list.

Creating custom items

Follow these steps to create a new custom item that does not already exist in your list of services or items.

Step 1: click Custom... from the Items dropdown menu.

Step 2: In the New Item popup box, name the custom item and attach a price to it.

Step 3: Fill in the following details:

  • The quantity of custom items to add to the list
  • A discount, if necessary
  • Up to three taxes (taxes are saved for future use)

Editing items

Added an item by mistake? Need to add a 15% discount? Just click the Icon_EditDeleteItem.png icon next to the item in the row of the relevant item, and select either Edit or Delete.

Important: Changes made to the edited item apply only to the current invoice being generated.

Use the Note to client field if you want to add a personalized note to the invoice, as shown here:

Review or edit your Terms & Conditions.

Check Allow client to pay online if you would like your clients to have the option of paying online.

Note: You can also enable payments from invoices from your Settings > Payments page.

Save or send your estimate & invoice

Once you’re satisfied with the way your estimate/invoice looks, you can either save the invoice as a Draft, or Send it to the client and additional recipients, if you have any.

This is how your clients will see your invoices and estimates:

Updating invoices & estimates after sending 

If you find a mistake or something you want to change, you can still edit an estimate or invoice even after you sent it, and send an updated version of it.

To update an existing invoice, go to Payments > Invoices & Bookings, use the right-hand filter to select your invoice, and select Edit from the follow-up actions.

To update an existing estimate, go to Payments > Estimates, use the right-hand filter to select your estimate, and select Edit from the follow-up actions.

Learn more: To learn more about how to track invoices and estimates, visit the Managing And Tracking Payments article. To learn how to send payment reminders for outstanding invoices, visit the Sending Payment Reminders article.


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