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Managing Discounts: Creating, Promoting & Applying Coupons

Offering discount coupons is a great way to reward loyal customers and attract bookings. In this article, you’ll learn how to easily create, manage, and distribute coupons.

Coupons are special offers applied to a single booking! A coupon can be applied at checkout to discount the price.

Creating a coupon

Here’s how you create a new coupon:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Coupons & Packages, and click Create Coupon.

Step 2: Fill out your coupon details, like name, code, discount amount, time frame, etc.

Here’s an example of a New Year Special coupon for 25% off:

Important: Your Display Name must be unique. You cannot create more than one coupon with the same name.
Note: Coupons may share the same Code, but only one of the coupons can be active at a time.

If you only want a coupon to be active during a certain time frame, for example, the week of New Year, use the Time Frame field to set the start and end dates.

Limiting coupon use

You can adjust or limit your clients’ use of coupons on a per client basis or across clients.

To adjust or limit how many times a coupon can be redeemed per client, fill out the Max. redemptions per client field. The default setting is one coupon per client. Adjust this limit as you see fit.

You can also adjust or limit the total use of your coupon across clients using the Max. redemptions field.

Note: If you want to permit unlimited use of your coupon across clients, leave either of these fields blank.
Tip: Use the Max. redemptions field to implement an attractive first come, first serve limited-time offer.

Limiting coupon validity

If your coupon is only valid for certain services, or offered by certain staff members, use the Does this coupon apply for all services/staff? section.

Under the Does this coupon apply for all services/staff? field, set your limits on what type of bookings this coupon can be applied to.

For example, this coupon applies to all services, but only when provided by specific staff members:

Promoting your coupons

You can share your coupon right away in the Share Your Coupon popup. Simply go to your Settings > Coupons page and click to select any of your coupons:


From here, you have these three easy ways to share and promote your coupon:

1. Copy and paste the coupon code: Copy and paste the Code in a message or social media post and send it out.

2. Send a direct email message: You can use our system to send a direct message with the coupon code included.

3. Create a campaign: Use the built-in marketing features to quickly build an eye-catching campaign around your new special offer.

When you choose this option, our system will create a basic campaign which you can then customize.

Note: The campaign option allows you to send your coupon promotion via SMS as well.
Tip: Options 2 and 3 allow you to choose clients from your account’s client list, and to take advantage of Tags to target your marketing efforts.

Applying a coupon to pending payments

Your client may have forgotten to apply their discount, or you realize you’d like to apply a discount to a booking or outstanding payment retrospectively.

For your convenience, you can still apply a coupon to a pending payment to apply a discount even after a booking has been made.

To apply a discount to a pending payment request follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the pending payment you’d like to discount, either in the Payments section or by going to the client’s client card and click on it.

Step 2: On the payment page, find the Pending section. Click on the ... icon and select Apply Coupon.

Step 3: Choose the coupon you want to use and click Save.

After saving, the pending amount will be updated.

Tracking coupon use

Want to find out how popular your coupons are? Open the Payments menu and select Invoices and Bookings.

On the right side of the page under the filter options, select the Has Coupon filter.

Narrow your focus to see how specific deals are performing by using the Selected Coupons dropdown:

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