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Getting Ratings & Reviews

In this article, you’ll learn how to collect valuable reviews from your clients, and how to request they review you on social media.

Requesting reviews from your clients

Requesting your clients to review your business is done by sending an Announcement.

To send a Review Announcement follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Marketing > Announcements and select New Announcement.

Step 2: Find the template named “Your Opinion Matters!”
Step 3: Once you select the template, personalize it for your business needs.

You may edit the heading, the text, the call to action button, and the image by clicking on the appropriate pencil icon.
Step 4: After updating, preview it as a client by clicking View Online and save your changes by clicking Done.

Step 5: Send the Announcement to your clients you want feedback from by clicking the Send button and the system will walk you through the sending process.

Submitting a review: client experience

After sending out the Announcement, the selected clients will receive the message with a link that directs to their client portal to fill out their review.

Note: To submit their review, your client must include both a rating and comments.

Viewing reviews and reviewers: business side

Once a client submits a review, you’ll receive a notification in the form of a conversation to your Inbox.

Client ratings will show on the Client list (from your Clients menu), and on the Client Card itself.

Clicking on the rating that displays on the Client Card will open the conversation where you can view a full summary of the review.

Note: If a client has submitted multiple ratings, the most recent rating is what displays. Prior ratings can be viewed from the Client Card in the Conversation tab.
Note: To view a list of all clients who have reviewed your business, use the filter option Review Score in your Clients list.

Automatically following up on client reviews

With Automated Campaigns, you can invite your most satisfied clients to post their review to your social media page.

To activate and preview this campaign, navigate to Marketing > Automated Campaigns.

From the automated-campaign list, click Preview on the template “Invite Your Happiest Customers To Share...” to view the campaign as a client, and Edit to customize and set your triggers, for example 4 & 5 stars and send your Announcement.

Note: You can also reach out to your less satisfied clients to get more feedback or resolve any issues they had with your business by using the filter option Review Score in your Clients list, and filtering for a score that is lower than 4, or whatever you feel appropriate.
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