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Business Details, Contact Info & Branding

In this article you’ll learn how to and how to fully customize your business details, info & brand for important customer touchpoints that happen both online, and via email and messaging.

Business details & contact info

Your business details and contact info display to your clients at important touchpoints. For example when interacting with your business via emails, reminders, invoices, etc., as well as during online engagements such as bookings and payments.

To set up your business’s basic contact details and info, do the following:

Step 1: Go to your Settings > Business Info page, as shown here:

Step 2: Fill out your business details, info and contact details. For detailed information, see the field descriptions below.

Note: Only the business Name is mandatory, and was created by default when your account was created. You may change this at any point.
Important: Check or uncheck the Display checkboxes near each contact detail according to your needs to control which details will be visible to clients for both email communication and online engagements (see image above).

Use these descriptions to help you fill out the business details and contact info fields:

  • Your business category helps match your account with your industry needs in terms of relevant content and terminology.
For example, a hair salon will have a different service menu than a business consultant.
Tip: You can type to choose the category that best describes your business from a wide range of professions, occupations and industries.
  • Sender name: Check this box to set a sender name that you want displayed to clients via SMS messaging.
Note: Type in any combination of 11 English letters and numbers.
Tip: If your business is located outside of the USA, Canada and France, you can set a sender name which appear as the sender for text messages sent from your account so clients can recognize it’s you (instead of a source phone number).
  • Contact Info: This is the contact information clients can use to get in touch with you: business phone number, address and website link.
Note: If you expect to have foreign clients, check the My clients may have a different country code box.

Business branding

The Branding Center gives you the power to define a consistent, professional look and feel for your business across the board, from emails and invoices to the Client Portal and widgets.

Customize from 4 different settings options to shape your online presence:

1. Profile picture: Give your business a persona!
The profile image will appear in the header of your client portal and online actions.

2. Cover image/color: This cover is the background of the client portal header, scheduler and other online actions.
You can choose to set either an image (as shown in the example above) or simply choose a solid color.

3. Business logo: Upload your business logo here to brand all emails, invoices, etc. with your company logo.

4. Brand color: Set your business brand color. The brand color will apply to Call-to-Action buttons (e.g., Schedule, Pay, etc.) in your client portal and within emails.

Learn how to control each of these branding options in the sections below.

Uploading a profile picture

To upload a profile picture simply click the Camera icon > Choose File. Then, select a profile image you want to use and click Upload.

Important: Field accepts JPG, GIF or PNG. The file size limit is 4MB and the picture must not be smaller than 130x130

Selecting a cover color or image

Click the pencil icon and choose a color or an image:

Upload Image: Pick an image from the gallery, or upload one of your own.

Tip: The recommended image size is 2288 x 1498 (High resolution), 1373 x 899 (Medium resolution).

Choose Color: Use the color picker and sliders to select a color, or enter a color code in the field at the bottom (RGB values only).

Uploading a business logo

To set your business logo go to Business logo, click Upload Image > Choose File.

Then, select the image file you want and click Upload.

Important: Field accepts JPG, GIF or PNG. The file size limit is 4MB.The optimal image size is 110x50.

Setting brand color

To set your brand color, simply click the brand color bar to open a color picker.

Then, use the color picker and sliders to select a color, or enter a color code in the field at the bottom (RGB values only), as shown here:

Learn more: To learn more about how to set up and enhance your account via integrations with other platforms such as Google and Facebook, visit the Business Integrations article.


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