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Adding and Managing Staff Members

Add more staff members to your account to allow for greater team collaboration. Staff members added to your account will have their own login credentials. Each staff member can also have their own calendar, services and availability, and you can even assign roles and permissions to different members of staff.  

Adding Staff Members

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Staff and click on the New Staff Account button in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Enter your staff member's details in the popup. The email address you provide will be the email they use to log into their new account.


Step 3: Click on Add to add the staff. 

Note: Your staff member will receive an email invitation to log in and set up their account including their account password.

Removing Staff Members

In your Staff settings, click the ⋮ icon to expand more options and click Delete to remove the staff member.

Staff Member Settings

Staff members can set up their own settings by clicking on Settings in their account. An admin can also edit any staff member's individual settings. 

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Staff

Step 2: Hover over the desired staff member and click on the ⋮ icon > Staff Settings to access this staff member's individual settings.


Use the Settings tabs to navigate between different types of settings.

Important: Only an admin can set Roles and Permissions for a staff member! Roles and Permissions determine what a staff member can and can't see in the account, like certain clients, payments etc.
Tip: Each of your staff members can take complete control of their own schedule! Set up regular business hours in the My Schedule tab and connect a personal calendar like a Google or Outlook calendar. 

Using the calendar with multiple staff members

Having multiple staff members changes the way you can interact with your backend calendar! Use the calendar tools to view specific staff calendars, all calendars at once or even get a split screen view of the calendars.

1. Calendar Joint view: In your Calendar, select checkboxes in the Staff pane to toggle individual staff calendars on and off. 


2. Split Calendar view: Uncheck the Show in one calendar checkbox to show each calendar in an individual calendar side by side.


Assigning appointments to other staff members

You can reassign bookings to another staff member. Simply select the appointment to go to the appointment details page. Click on the Reassign button near the staff member's name to a different staff member. Both the staff members will receive an email confirming the change.

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