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Utilizing the Mobile App

If you are constantly on the move, be sure to take advantage of downloading the app, available on Android and iPhone mobile devices. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, here is a list of functions you can utilize within the mobile app dashboard:

  • New Appointment
  • Manage Payments
  • Send Message
  • CRM

How to Navigate the App

Tapping on the sandwich icon found in the top left will open the side panel where you can navigate to all the different sections. However, please know that you will not have any access to the account Settings through the mobile app. Settings can only be adjusted on the desktop version.


How to Navigate within the Calendar

Tap on the  Calendar  icon from the section menu at the bottom of your screen. You can view your calendar by day, by week or by month.

To see your Appointment List, tap on Calendar from the left pane and select Appointment List.


Create a New Appointment 

To create a new appointment, event or to block off time on your calendar, tap the orange circular button  found in the bottom right:



How to Manage Payments through the Mobile App:

Navigate to the Payments page where you can charge you clients on the go, send invoices and payment links and keep track of your clients’ transactions.




How to Communicate with Clients?

To start a conversation, search for your clients’ details on your Client List and send emails, SMS and invoices from one communication hub to maintain client relationship and increase loyalty.






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