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Getting Started with Payments by inTandem


Payments by inTandem is a fully integrated payment solution that provides your clients the security and convenience they expect when paying your business. inTandem's payment services are specially designed for service-based businesses like yours.

Payments by inTandem offers better visibility and control of your clients' transactions, along with detailed payment reports available only to users of this service. At the same time, offering a seamless experience for you and your clients.

What are you getting when you use Payments by inTandem:

  • Fully integrated within the app for an optimal experience, making it your one-stop shop for getting paid.
  • With competitive flat rates and a straightforward payout process, you'll always know when and how much is going into your bank account.  
  • A quick & easy checkout experience for clients ensures they can quickly pay your business with all major credit cards from any device. 
  • A detailed transaction dashboard will help you track your processed payments online and their current status.

Connecting to Payments by inTandem

Who can connect to Payments by inTandem

Payments by inTandem gateway currently support the following businesses only:

  • US businesses (owners are based in the US) 
  • Users that are subscribed to a paid plan (Not in trial or free)
  • Users whose business profession is in the eligible Merchant category codes list.
Important: Businesses that are not eligible for Payments by inTandem will have the option to connect the product to third-party payment gateways operating in the business's origin country.
Note: Your merchant category code is defined by your selected profession when first signing up for the product.
To validate your profession, Go to your Business Settings Page.

How to connect to Payments by inTandem

Before you start the connection process, you'll need to make sure you have the required information available, as you can't complete the connection without the following items:

  • Legal Business Name as registered with the IRS and/or with the Secretary of State
  • EIN and Legal Name Validation If the business is an LLC or Corporation or has applied for an EIN, refer to your SS4 form (CP 575) obtained from the IRS. If you are the Sole Proprietor of the business, your TIN will be your SSN number.
  • Business Address This is the physical operating address for the business
  • Business Owner/Principal Address This is the personal/residential address of the individual
  • Annual Processing Volume
  • Banking information OR a voided check

To connect to Payments by inTandem, go to your Payment Settings Page and click on 'ACTIVATE NOW' under Accept online payments banner.


If you are already connected to a third-party gateway, you'll be able to change your gateway to Payments By inTandem by clicking on the 'Connect' button.image.png

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the payment onboarding wizard. 
  2. First, you'll be required to answer a few questions to determine your eligibility for Payments by inTandem. 
  3. Next, you'll need to approve a disclaimer to ensure you are eligible. (the disclaimer is according to your profession). Additionally, you'll need to approve the Terms of Use.
  4. Based on your Merchant category code and business country, Payments by inTandem will provide its native payment processing solution or a third-party payment gateway.
  5. Click the ‘Connect’ button to open the 'Merchant onboarding wizard.' Fill in all required information and complete the steps within the wizard.
  6. To finalize the connection, fill in your ‘Terms and Policies’ on your Business Info Settings Page.
  7. Wait for Payments by inTandem approval to start collecting payments.
Note: Filling in all the required information can take some time. You can save a draft during the process on the top right corner of the widget and continue later.
Important: Payments by inTandem connection approval usually take up to 48 hours. To start collecting payments, you are required to complete your terms and conditions and Privacy policy on your Business Info Settings page.

Ongoing usage of Payments by inTandem

Processing time

Your first Payments by inTandem transaction will typically take around 5-7 business days to show up in your bank account.

Note: The 5-7 business days begin once your account reaches a balance of $100 in total transactions.

After the first payment is deposited in your account, you can expect payments to process as follows:

  • Transactions finalized before 9 pm EST will be added to your bank account on the morning of the 2nd business day. 
  • Transactions processed after 9 pm EST will be added to your account on the 3rd business day.
Example: A payment processed on Monday at 8:30 pm EST will be in your account on Wednesday morning EST. If the payment was processed after 9 pm EST, it would be in your account on Thursday morning EST.
Note: Deposits take place at the start of the business day EST (excluding weekends and holidays) and only occur if you have processed over $100 during that day.

Fees and pricing

  • Transaction fees: 2.90% + $0.30
  • Chargeback fee: $15
  • Chargeback retrieval - $15
  • Chargeback arbitration - $10
  • Refund fee $0.05
  • Payout fee $0.25 per cycle
Important: Additional fees may be imposed by the bank or card issuer and will be simply passed through as-is. As fees may change, up-to-date fees can be viewed in the payments by inTandem Terms of Use.


In case of a chargeback, we will let you know all the details and give you an opportunity to dispute and challenge the claim by contacting the support team.


I don’t see the ‘Accept online payments’ banner and only see third-party payment gateways.

Payments by inTandem is currently only available in the US for eligible types of businesses, according to this list. If you can't see Payments by inTandem, your business is in the US, and your profession is on the list, go to your Business Info Settings Page and update your profession.

How do I write terms and policies?

If you do not have terms and policies, you may find examples online, or you can use any of the following links to copy and adapt one for your business.

Important: The samples and generators linked herein and any information provided therein (collectively, the "Samples") are not legal advice. You are using the Samples at your own decision and risk, and inTandem disclaims any liability or responsibility with respect to your use thereof. You should read any copied or generated policy with due care and modify, adapt and/or change it as necessary. You are advised to consult with an attorney. The Samples are provided as general information only, and any use of them is not intended to and does not create or form any client-attorney relationship between inTandem and you or your business. The Samples may not reflect updated legal developments, and they are not stated to be correct, updated, or complete. inTandem does not check or endorse the information provided in any of the Samples and is not responsible for their content. By using any of the Samples, you agree to this disclaimer and release inTandem from any liability and responsibility.
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