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Setting up Automated Billing

In this article, you'll learn how to set up automated billing to collect your due and overdue payments by sending an invoice or payment requests to your clients at regular intervals.

The invoice or payment request will aggregate all of the client's due payments, such as payment requests for bookings, packages, or products that have not been invoiced yet.

Tip: Due payments are found in the Payments tab of the client card and in the Billing and Invoicing section of your account. Make sure to set service prices in order to automatically create payment requests when an appointment is booked.
Important: Auto-billing, once enabled, will apply to all your clients. It is not possible to enable auto-billing for single clients or groups of clients at this time.

Enable Auto-Billing

  1. You will find auto-billing settings under Settings > Payments > Payment Automations.
  2. Click the Automated Billing toggle to enable the setting.


  1. Choose an auto-billing option:
    • Draft invoices: Create a draft invoice that will appear in the Billing & Invoicing section. This is ideal if you prefer to review the invoice before sending it.
    • Send invoices: Immediately send the invoice at the scheduled intervals. This cuts down on the manual work involved in reviewing and approving the drafts.
    • Send payment links: Immediately send a payment link for the full amount at the scheduled intervals. No invoice is created.
  2. Choose the billing cycle - you can bill Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. If the clients have no un-invoiced, due payments at the time of billing, they will not receive a message.
  3. Select the method that you want to use to notify your clients. Choose from Email, SMS, or both. 
Note: If you choose SMS, please ensure that all your clients have valid mobile phone numbers. If not, email or both may be the better option.

Draft Invoices

Find draft invoices in the Billing & Invoicing section of your account. Use the Draft filter to show only drafts.


Click on the draft and select Edit to make changes. When you are ready to issue the invoice, just click on Approve Draft, and a notification will be sent to the client based on your notification settings.

Client-Side Experience

At the designated billing time, a draft, invoice, or payment request will be created, aggregating all open, un-invoiced payments. Depending on the workflow you set up, you will either review the draft at this time and send it, or the client will be immediately notified that they have an open balance to pay.

Tip: Set up online payments so that clients will easily be able to pay you online. 

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