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Design Campaigns with Pro Campaign Editor

Pro Campaign Editor Is a quick, collaborative, friendly app that elevates your campaign designs. Using our selection of templates, you can effortlessly create a polished campaign in minutes, allowing you to engage with your clients like a pro.

Main benefits

  • Add various elements such as gifs, video links, stickers, images, and call-to-action buttons with a simple drag-and-drop experience.
  • Use dozens of templates sorted by topic to easily customize and personalize your campaign with your brand, content, and client information.
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting features provide complete insights into each campaign.

Important:  The trial version offers a complete Pro Campaign Editor experience apart from sending campaigns. The trial version is available for plans with marketing. To send Pro Campaigns, please check the pricing tab on the app information page in the App Market before purchasing the app.

Editor Overview

The editor includes three primary components:


There are several content blocks you can use while designing with Pro Campaign Editor. All content blocks include default settings and content that can be changed on the content tab once the block is added to the editor.

  • Title
  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Image
  • Button: when adding a button, click on the added button and then 'Edit action' to select the action you are inviting your clients to do.

  • Divider
  • Social
  • Icons
  • Menu

Important:  All template content is just a placeholder for your campaigns. Do not forget to update the content, and don't use the default content in your campaigns.


The settings tab allows you to set defaults for your entire design. When working with rows and content, those design elements inherit these settings.

You can use the settings tab to modify the following options:

  • Content area width
  • Content area alignment
  • Background color
  • Content area background color
  • Default font
  • Link Color


Rows are the primary structural element for designs created in the Pro campaign editor. Within your rows, you can customize the column structure. With a multi-column row, you can place content side-by-side in your design. Most importantly, rows are a container for all your content blocks.

The following options populate in the sidebar when working with rows:

  • Row background color
  • Content area background color
  • Content area rounded corners
  • Content area border

Customize columns: for each column, you have the following options:

  • Column background color
  • Padding
  • Border

To toggle between columns, click on the column in the sidebar you want to modify. The selected column is highlighted.

Note: Some templates include a header and a footer; all emails sent from the platform already contain a default header and footer. Make sure to remove it from email campaigns. When using SMS campaigns, don’t forget to adjust the default links.

Getting Started with Pro Campaign Editor

  1. When creating a new campaign, choose a template or start from scratch using the Pro templates tab.
  2. Once you choose a temple, on the left side, you can see what the campaign looks like, and on the right side, you'll see the editor. 
  3. Give your campaign a name, and then click Save.
  4. Edit your template as needed, and use the preview to see how it will look for your clients. 
  5. Use the Desktop/Mobile icon to ensure your design looks good on both layouts.
  6. To send a campaign, make sure you visit the App Market and purchase the App

Note: You can use the Pro Campaign Editor on Automated campaigns. Click on "Edit triggers" to set your conditions when editing an automated campaign via Pro Editor. Check out Creating & Sending Automated Campaigns to learn more.

Important: Changes are not saved automatically. Click the Save button every few minutes to ensure you don't lose your work.

Tip: always prefer to start from a template and not from scratch; this will make your work much more manageable. 

Tip: Rich content campaigns have higher conversion rates.

Personalize Your campaigns

You can add a contact field to make your campaigns more personalized and engaging. For example, address the client by his first name. Dear **first name** will add up to "Dear John."

  1. Add a new paragraph or edit an existing one.
  2. On the text area, add an at sign @.
  3. Once adding the symbol, a dropdown with all your contact fields will appear.
    Pick the field you wish to add.
  4. Every recipient getting the campaign will get it with their personalized field. (see below what it looks like)

To learn about tracking your campaigns, check out our Tracking Marketing Results article.


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